Design Services


furniture and decor

To begin we will create multiple floor plans for your room based on how your family uses the space. We will explore furniture options, rugs and tables, all the proper scale and in a variety of style and finishes. We will choose a variety of fabrics for the furniture, cushions and draperies. Beautiful art, lighting and accessories will complete your new room.



Full Home Renovations

As a Design-Build firm we take you through the entire process from design concept to completion in a way that’s smooth and engaging, while ensuring that the finished product reflects your vision and that we both have fun along the way.

New Home Construction

If you are building a new home or renovating your existing home, there are so many items to select. Together we can put together a well designed home including the following:

  • cabinetry styles and countertops
  • paint, trim, ceiling and cabinetry colours
  • flooring
  • tiles and backsplashes
  • lighting and mirrors



Over the years we have created miles and miles of draperies, from modern ripplefold styles to more transitional euro pleats. This is one of our specialties. Draperies bring warmth, personality and visual impact to a space. Together we will select the perfect fabrics that will hang beautifully and perfectly compliment the rest of the decor in the room.

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