Enjoy My Calgary Interior Design Spring Inspiration Boards

Spring has sprung and with it we come out from our den and look to freshen up.  Not just the air in our homes gets stale but now is the time we look for new energy in our homes as well.  Fresh paint and new furniture.  New fabric and new drapes.  While mother nature does her best to spruce it up outside, it’s time for us to spruce it up inside.

Every season I put together five new Interior Design Inspiration boards using the latest trends found only to the interior design trade.  When I work with my Calgary interior design clients I always pull some boards together that are specific to their home.  These Inspiration Boards get my clients excited and help them see what a new look will mean to their home.

These Inspiration Boards can also differ from town to town and from city to city.  For example, an Edmonton interior design client could be searching for a look very different than a Calgary Interior Design client.  It’s all a matter of taste and it’s my job to help my client find what is going to work for them in their home.

This year I have been inspired by the Pantone 2017 Colour of the Year which is Greenery 15-0343 . There are so many wonderful colour combinations off of this wonderful spring colour that I know you will just love it.

You can grab you copy of my 2017 Spring Inspiration Boards by clicking here.


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